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Barbarian King is an Epic character who can be obtained in the Green World. He has very high health and moderate damage, and attacks with a blow from his sword. His Baby ability increases the attack speed of all melee units in the squad. His Classic ability allows him to knock back enemies every 10 seconds. His Super ability allows him to recover health when Barbarian King is not attacking. His Ultra ability gives a Super Rage Spell when he is selected from a Battle Chest. He can be a great addition for your squad when you have some Melee units. His origin game is Clash of Clans.


BarbarianKing Baby ability

Baby Character level 1 Your melee units attack faster

BarbarianKing Classic ability

Classic Character level 1Character level 1 Occasionally pummels enemies with his Iron Fist

BarbarianKing Super ability

Super Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1 Recovers health steadily when not attacking

Barbarian King Ultra Ability.png

Ultra Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1 Gives a Super Rage Spell

Missing image

Ultimate Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1Character level 1 ?


Offensive Strategy[]

  • To use as much as possible his Baby ability, it's better to get as much melee units as you can. Two Barbarian Kings or a Fusion Barbarian King in your squad can boost your melee units' attack speeds much faster!

Defensive Strategy[]

  • Since the Fusion Barbarian King has the most health in the game, it's recommended to get him as fast as possible from a Battle Chest, especially when there is less than a minute remaining in a game, or you can get him early on in the Epic Overload battle mod.



EMOTE Baby Barbarian King 1
EMOTE Baby Barbarian King 2
EMOTE Baby Barbarian King 3
EMOTE Baby Barbarian King 4


Emote (Baby Barbarian King)
Emote (Classic Barbarian King)
Emote (Super Barbarian King)
Emote (Ultra Barbarian King)
Missing image
Ultimate Evolution


Blue bg
SKIN Barbarian King Origami


Origami Barbarian King Emote

Skin Origami
Common skin

Beta Skins[]

Skins (Barbarian King) Ice
Ice King
Skins (Barbarian King) Skeleton


STICKER Barbarian King

Plaza Messages[]

  • It's good to be King!
  • Act first, think later.
  • Listen, strategy has SOME value.
  • It's all about motivation.
  • Barbarians, CHARGE!
  • I'm itching to pummel something!
  • Move faster, my fellow troops!
  • Yelling - the great motivator!
  • I should be elected leader!
  • Raise your swords, troops!


  • The word "Barbarian" comes from "barbaros", which is the Greek word for uncivilized. Dating back to the ancient Greek times, the Greeks referred to non-Greek people as barbarians because the language they spoke sounded to Greeks like gibberish represented by the sounds "bar..bar..;".


  • 06/02/2023
    • Neutral Image Barbarian King was added to the game by the First Beta (which was closed).
  • 25/06/2024
    • Neutral Image The Origami skin was added.
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